Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Stop Operation Soros

A group of congressional Republicans is teaming up with Russia-backed politicians in Eastern Europe with the shared goal of stopping a common enemy: billionaire financier George Soros. [читать дальше]
George Soros
George Soros, who survived the Nazi occupation of his native Hungary and fled after World War II when it was under Soviet control, has been long a bête noir of the Kremlin. | Getty
And last weekend, far-right leaders convened in Budapest to launch their own chapter of Stop Operation Soros.

The event featured Nick Griffin, the former leader of the British National Party, who has said it’s now “Russia’s turn” to lead the world; the right-wing religious group Knights Templar International; Macedonian journalist Ljupcho Zlatev; and several Hungarian politicians from the far right, which has drifted toward Russia.

One of them, Imre Téglásy, head of the pro-life Alfa Alliance, in his remarks noted the presence of a Russian camera crew and praised Vladimir Putin’s regime.

“I would like to express my respect my dear friends to Russia,” he said. “God save Russia, which has returned to its national and traditional roots. God save the U.S., which under the leadership of President Trump may return to its original, God-respecting American values.”

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